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From now on using spam warmup services will result in immediate account suspension, pending your reply that you won't do it again. We will not consider unsuspending it to be a high priority. This epidemic is sweeping through our platform and we're done with it. Stop paying spam assistant services to trash your reputation and ours.

Blackhole added on Blizzard for Significantly overused IP range on inbound DDOS attack.

Initial suspicion was true, Blizzard server under DDOS attack. Should be mitigated now.

Oddly high packet loss to Blizzard server. Can't reach it. Rebooting, re-evaluating from there.

By all means Eagle server, reboot as slowly as possible. No one was supposed to notice.

Grew tired of the few users on the Banshee server repeatedly saying that they absolutely can’t check their email with only one of the many paths to do so (Crossbox) disabled. Crossbox has been permanently uninstalled on the Banshee server. This is a legacy server from a long time ago, the users did fine without it before.

Using children to put a good face on evil actions is a time honored tradition. It's a shame that Apple would join the ranks of those who have done so before.

Due to an excessive number of customers stopping at the HostBill integrations for cPanel/DA and not going directly to the panel if it doesn't work as expected, we've removed all functions for them other than viewing login details and resetting password. We'll revisit adding them back when billing cycles are fixed for everyone, asking people to log in to the panels as before is consuming too much time.

User gets caught attacking our infra maliciously (no room for debate), attacks haven't stopped since they were terminated. Safe to say our investigation skills were on point. A bit weak on the attacks though.

Though it should no longer be considered an official support channel, has returned as a Matrix server. It does not share login with any other MXroute service. It is not hosted/run by a third party.

Our Bitwarden instance will be unable to send password reset emails for the time being - please plan accordingly.

Rebooting London server to make it act right.

Spammers want into our platform. They're looking to you for a way in. They're hoping you reuse passwords everywhere so they only need to compromise one forum, etc.

We've been informed that Tuffmail is shutting down, and we'd like to extend an offer to anyone looking for a new home. You can get 25% off any of our services, recurring for the life of the service, with promo code TUFFMAIL.

Temporary block for Amazon SES applied on Arrow server to mitigate DDOS attack.

To the user who kept signing up for our services with Tim Cook's email address to get us blacklisted / abuse complaints: You screwed up. We found you. Your service was terminated.

Some data didn't import into HostBill. Trying to get stock of it all and work on correcting it.

While is working in place of, we're still ironing out all of the things. Apologies for tutorials being slightly off for a bit, we've added some temporary language to them where that is the case.

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