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Rebooting London server to make it act right.

Spammers want into our platform. They're looking to you for a way in. They're hoping you reuse passwords everywhere so they only need to compromise one forum, etc.

We've been informed that Tuffmail is shutting down, and we'd like to extend an offer to anyone looking for a new home. You can get 25% off any of our services, recurring for the life of the service, with promo code TUFFMAIL.

Temporary block for Amazon SES applied on Arrow server to mitigate DDOS attack.

To the user who kept signing up for our services with Tim Cook's email address to get us blacklisted / abuse complaints: You screwed up. We found you. Your service was terminated.

Some data didn't import into HostBill. Trying to get stock of it all and work on correcting it.

While is working in place of, we're still ironing out all of the things. Apologies for tutorials being slightly off for a bit, we've added some temporary language to them where that is the case.

Attempted migration from WHMCS to HostBill underway.

Spinning up more on 110.0/24 to increase volume going out from the /24. May add a slight and temporary delay to a very small percentage of emails to Microsoft customers.

A user was able to flood PHP-FPM on the Lucy server until Roundcube was virtually inaccessible. We rely on our resellers to theme their DA in such a way that it does not encourage end-users to upload poorly optimized Wordpress sites (or any sites). We’ll work on more direct and automated enforcement of this expectation.

Huge gains on spam filters today. Those of you being targeted by consistent spam campaigns, we see you.

This means if you didn't have that configured previously, your account will now drop inbound email that scores 15 or higher on rspamd. It was always intended that it do this, and that it can be overridden by the user is unintended and will be fixed.

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Our method for forcing rspamd to run globally for all users has, for some reason, fallen short of expectation. we saw users on Longhorn receiving spam that I had clear filters on, and no logs of scans. We pushed this out as a temporary measure:

MXRBL is shaping up to be a powerful blacklist for blocking spam. We're taking a no BS approach from both angles. No BS from us: if your mail server is listed and we have no recent spam (and it's not hosted in a known spam network), it'll be delisted on request. No BS from you: you can't trick us if you're a spammer. We have the logs.

This is for every time someone told us we couldn't be privacy focused without getting on our knees and opening wide for the EU. No governing authority is your friend in this world.

Whoever is using their whole, massive botnet on one brute force attack on Eagle:

A. The account doesn't exist so you'll never get it right.

B. You're exposing the entire botnet which will be nicely packaged and distributed for publishing at the end.

Way to blow your assets.

We are presently cracking down on domains with high bounce rates. If you’re continually sending email to invalid recipients, there’s a problem you need to solve and we’re going to reduce the amount we’re tanking for you.

"I know! I'll send spam at a low rate to not trigger any alerts!" said the spammer.

Wrong again.

Email compression was not working properly on the Shadow server. We're running compression now to reduce the size of all accounts. More email for your money 💜

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