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If you see any oddities on Roundcube on a DirectAdmin-based server, you may need to log out and back in. Running updates.

This is clearing up. It seems that adjustments to the backup system may have caused this. More in postmortems channel in

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The root disk partition ran out of space. This is 2x 512G NVMe and shouldn't be storing emails. There is nearly 9TB available on the box where this data should have been stored.

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Working on issue with Friday server, will explain more after fix.

MXRBL has quickly become a powerhouse at blocking spam. The volume of spam we're blocking each day, without false positives, is incredible. Even if you don't use MXroute, if you host your own mail servers, you are free to use it:

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Coming soon: a day where no one can make any orders for service or upgrades on MXroute. Date not yet certain, but we will be migrating from WHMCS to HostBill and we will need to lock down changes to the database during the process. More as we know it.

Over 4,000 IPs added to MXRBL today, as a result of a log audit for a spam botnet trend.

Indeed the entire provider in Australia appears to be down. This should be up quickly.

Looks like Aus is seeing high packet loss when routing over Telia, if not more.

Aus server appears to be timing out, at least from the US. Investigating.

Found delayed emails, both inbound and outbound, on the Sunfire server again. They've been processed. The cause is not as straight forward as expected, but we're hoping it to be mitigated now.

Found an issue on Sunfire causing delayed email delivery. Clearing out now.

We have blocked a new payment gateway "8pay" from our network for repeat unsolicited marketing email to our support address. They are spammers, you do not want to do business with spammers. It speaks to their values quite clearly.

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