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We've boosted our loop prevention on the outbound relays. Imagine sending an email to an address that forwards it back to the sender, which forwards all email to the recipient. This is a loop, and we're trying to kill them.

We're seeing a complete outage of the Blizzard server at this time. Initial investigation has revealed an inbound DDOS attack that seems to have bypassed mitigation. This is the first case of fully bypassed mitigation we've seen in some time, investigating options.

Rebooting Ocean server to apply updates.

More updates to to make the experience a bit more intentional. Exposing more relevant things, hiding more irrelevant things, etc.

We've identified an unfavorable edge case that is very low impact, but needs to be resolved. To put in context, it may impact one user each month at most. However, one user is important. Explanation:

We're apparently in another maintenance window in Germany and could have an outage up to 30 minutes of... whatever they break. If we come across as relaxed about it, it's because there's no benefit to unfiltered thoughts.

Arrow, Lucy, Safari, and Friday are back online. Postmortem in the channel at

Outage reports coming in for Arrow, Lucy, Safari, and Friday servers. Reason not currently known.

Our old cPanel servers are now running our latest custom spam filters, addressing a wealth of recent inbound spam trends.

Don't think for a second that you need to be in our control panel constantly tweaking your spam filters, we're seeing this stuff come in every day and continually building new filters, adding IPs to our blacklist, etc.

We would like to issue a heartfelt "thank you" to every spammer that emails our support address. Fighting spam has never been so easy, they deliver the samples right to us!

Today we found that the Echo server only had one copy of backups. We're redoing the backup systems on the DA servers over the weekend.

Too busy to remove your forwarders? Easy! Just click "Report Spam" on emails that are forwarded to your third party email address from our system, and we'll remove them for you!

Don't report forwarded email as spam unless you want your forwarder disabled ❤️

New micro service:

Invite code:

The point of these services is simply this: options.

Why You Should Switch From LastPass to Bitward's Password Manager

You can use ours at at any time. This is production, not a toy.

We're committed to open source, and where possible federated, alternatives to well known internet services. You don't have to be a customer to use our new micro services.

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