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Relevant to part of outbound infra:

Event Summary: Dallas Scheduled Maintenance - 2021-02-03

Event Type: Network Upgrade

We are performing system changes in the Dallas location during the following scheduled maintenance window.

Start Time: 2021-02-03 08:00:00 UTC
End Time: 2021-02-03 11:00:00 UTC

Upgrading MySQL on Aus. May briefly interrupt Crossbox sessions.

The Communications menu in DirectAdmin is a new release of a Crossbox and many users are reporting the apps not working. This isn't the webmail we manage and we're at the mercy of the devs as they look into it. I'll remove the menu if the reports become too numerous.

The webmail we manage is under the Webmail menu.

NSA urges system administrators to replace obsolete TLS protocols | ZDNet

"But my out of date software..." no. Your out of date systems need to use current protocols and ciphers or stop pretending and make non-SSL connections.

iRoute (NOT MXroute, but an acquisition) will be shut down at the end of February, 2021. All paid services will have been rendered in full by this time, and no outstanding obligations will exist.

Crossbox is currently presenting a popup asking for you to update. When you click to allow it to update, it repeats. Reported to devs.

iOS app is unable to connect to the Taylor server, reason unclear at this time

For what looks to be somewhere in the range of an hour, roughly 1/3rd of outbound email saw a delay due to an issue on the Charlotte relay server. The root cause of the issue has not yet been identified, but the server has been pulled from rotation pending further investigation.

Death to spam! We know many of you are trying to fight it on your own, but we're actively fighting it for you too!

The increasing amount of people trusting us to handle their email is incredible. We're committed to repaying that trust by improving UX and features this year!

It is currently intentional that you cannot sign up for a new MXroute account with a email address. This is merely a temporary attempt to slow down a specific spammer that continually attempts to sign up today.

If you don't receive less spam tomorrow than you did today, you must be an outlier. Our attacks against inbound spam are proving incredibly effective, and a massive sweep is running right now.

A management service used by Crossbox has been failing randomly on some servers without restarting itself as needed. A mitigation has been put in place that may be less than ideal, but should make the issue mostly unnoticeable for users until it can be patched in the coming week(s).

Banshee server had to be rebooted after becoming unresponsive. Reason unclear at this time.

This whole ASN is looking shady. Can't find anything on it that isn't spammy.

Rebooting Longhorn server to upgrade kernel

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