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Looks like Aus is seeing high packet loss when routing over Telia, if not more.

Aus server appears to be timing out, at least from the US. Investigating.

Found delayed emails, both inbound and outbound, on the Sunfire server again. They've been processed. The cause is not as straight forward as expected, but we're hoping it to be mitigated now.

Found an issue on Sunfire causing delayed email delivery. Clearing out now.

We have blocked a new payment gateway "8pay" from our network for repeat unsolicited marketing email to our support address. They are spammers, you do not want to do business with spammers. It speaks to their values quite clearly.

Coming soon: a day where no one can make any orders for service or upgrades on MXroute. Date not yet certain, but we will be migrating from WHMCS to HostBill and we will need to lock down changes to the database during the process. More as we know it.

Postmortem for Banshee outage this morning available in channel at (uses login).

The Cachet status page has been permanently rate limited. Seems to match timing and behavior of a recent attack against billing portal. Status page will need to be replaced as cachet is not proving reliable. More on that as we progress with some other changes (not service impacting).

Investigation outage of Banshee server this morning, as well as Issue with status page.

We said we’d back off of lifetime plans if they sold too well. They are selling too well, there are 9 left in stock and uncertain when they will be available again.

If you are unable to access our website, you may need to disable your VPN. This is a short term mitigation against an attack while better mitigation is expected to replace it in ~24h. This has no relevance to your email service, only website/billing portal.

Bringing billing portal back online. Ability to reset passwords and add sub users has been disabled to mitigate the attack.

Billing portal disabled while investigating an attack against the web app (not related to security).

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