We found a job scammer on our platform. The type that no one has ever heard of, has no reviews, generic website, but emails 400 people in one morning offering a job interview over Telegram. You know, scammers. Please let us know if you hear from anyone like this using our platform.

Everyone deserves a voice. A chance to be heard. No one is owed an audience, but every audience deserves the choice of the voices they listen to. When government and corporations agree on what to censor, you're living in the culture people will later reference as an example of everything that can go wrong. Left, right, middle. Democrat, republican, socialist, communist. Your political leanings do not determine your worth as a customer of MXroute. Not even your spend rate. We're all equal.

Refreshing wildcard cert on relays, Sunfire, and Pixel.

For a brief moment yesterday we saw a license issue on the Lucy server. Fault was ours. It didn't last long. Apologies if you saw it.

We have a policy designed to scare off career spammers (not "my client spammed without my knowledge" or "I had a password compromise and my account was used to send spam without my consent"). The policy is to bill $1 per spam email sent, and terminate the account. The latest, we even suspected them and warned them in advance. They still did it. That makes them our new scarecrow. May they fly high and review loudly.

We took a hard stance against IPs being used to flood customer's inbox with junk. A lot of these IPs belonged to very large companies. We were successful in provoking change. Together, all of us, we are influential. That's why we're doing this together, carving out our spot in the industry.

If you are allowing your service to be used in email floods to DOS attack our customer's inboxes, you will be dealt with accordingly. No company will be considered too large. Looking at you, SpamChimp.

An angsty teenager has been going on a rampage and signing up customers for tens of thousands of newsletters to spam their inbox. The filters hammering them down may be slightly strict, shouldn't impact any email of any reasonable importance.

@jordanhansen Forgot to reply and say should have been resolved shortly after. Everyone hitting it was just whitelisted, best short term solution.

We found a bug which caused blanket whitelisting of inbound emails after a certain threshold of activity. The amount of inbound spam let through by this bug is potentially incredibly significant. Well over 100,000 in just the last 24 hours. The bug has been fixed.

Outbound email matching this condition will be rejected to address a recent trend that we've not otherwise been able to capture: "Has text part encoded in base64 that does not contain any 8bit characters."

From now on using spam warmup services will result in immediate account suspension, pending your reply that you won't do it again. We will not consider unsuspending it to be a high priority. This epidemic is sweeping through our platform and we're done with it. Stop paying spam assistant services to trash your reputation and ours.

Blackhole added on Blizzard for Significantly overused IP range on inbound DDOS attack.

Initial suspicion was true, Blizzard server under DDOS attack. Should be mitigated now.

Oddly high packet loss to Blizzard server. Can't reach it. Rebooting, re-evaluating from there.

By all means Eagle server, reboot as slowly as possible. No one was supposed to notice.

@jit Priorities really. The system is running, there are more pressing issues, and not having Crossbox on that old cPanel box is generating less complaints than having it and it being disabled.

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