Postmortem for Banshee outage this morning available in channel at (uses login).

The Cachet status page has been permanently rate limited. Seems to match timing and behavior of a recent attack against billing portal. Status page will need to be replaced as cachet is not proving reliable. More on that as we progress with some other changes (not service impacting).

Investigation outage of Banshee server this morning, as well as Issue with status page.

We said we’d back off of lifetime plans if they sold too well. They are selling too well, there are 9 left in stock and uncertain when they will be available again.

If you are unable to access our website, you may need to disable your VPN. This is a short term mitigation against an attack while better mitigation is expected to replace it in ~24h. This has no relevance to your email service, only website/billing portal.

Bringing billing portal back online. Ability to reset passwords and add sub users has been disabled to mitigate the attack.

Billing portal disabled while investigating an attack against the web app (not related to security).

"Communications" menu in DirectAdmin has been renamed to "Crossbox Apps" to clarify what it is.

Today we're rolling out and running our modular update system across the DA servers. After staging tests each service update (Dovecot, Exim, Roundcube, etc) will run on the DA servers. We're working to combine the deployment, update, and patching workflows and bring it all in to a tighter workflow less prone to mistakes.

Eagle, Banshee, and Aus servers will be rebooted to please cPanel update process, so they can move ahead with exim 4.94 update. Happening at 5:00PM US/Central time.

We’re looking to deploy IPv6 for outbound email soon. The key is that we carefully examine expectations of the major email providers and deploy accordingly, in the most friendly and collaborative way that is welcomed. We’ll post an update as we get closer to deployment!

IPv6 deployed on all DA servers but London and Longhorn. Those may take just a bit longer.

IPv6 deployment on Blizzard successful. Deploying v6 to the rest of the DA servers today. Outbound via v6 waiting for ARIN, not going to use third party IPs for that.

IPv6 + 1 additional IPv4 deployed on Blizzard server. IPv6 will be following on other servers soon. Everything appears to be fine, but a production test is of value before full rollout.

Recently we’ve gotten much better at identifying compromised email accounts before they’re used to send any spam. One more move toward how we intend to separate ourselves: we’re not just a service provider, we’re your admin hired for an unbeatable price to watch your back at all hours of every day.

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