Grew tired of the few users on the Banshee server repeatedly saying that they absolutely can’t check their email with only one of the many paths to do so (Crossbox) disabled. Crossbox has been permanently uninstalled on the Banshee server. This is a legacy server from a long time ago, the users did fine without it before.

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@mxroute Last I checked you were migrating stuff on to new hardware. Didn't go well?
CrossBox was just simple, easy, and convenient. Not to forget the ability to brand the interface. I and my team used it, over any email client. Now using a client only because CrossBox is unavailable. You take that away, people are gonna complain.

@jit Priorities really. The system is running, there are more pressing issues, and not having Crossbox on that old cPanel box is generating less complaints than having it and it being disabled.

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