Don't think for a second that you need to be in our control panel constantly tweaking your spam filters, we're seeing this stuff come in every day and continually building new filters, adding IPs to our blacklist, etc.

We would like to issue a heartfelt "thank you" to every spammer that emails our support address. Fighting spam has never been so easy, they deliver the samples right to us!

Today we found that the Echo server only had one copy of backups. We're redoing the backup systems on the DA servers over the weekend.

Too busy to remove your forwarders? Easy! Just click "Report Spam" on emails that are forwarded to your third party email address from our system, and we'll remove them for you!

Don't report forwarded email as spam unless you want your forwarder disabled ❤️

New micro service:

Invite code:

The point of these services is simply this: options.

Why You Should Switch From LastPass to Bitward's Password Manager

You can use ours at at any time. This is production, not a toy.

We're committed to open source, and where possible federated, alternatives to well known internet services. You don't have to be a customer to use our new micro services.

We're expecting an increase in inbound spam on the Ocean server for a bit as we scale back scanning to improve performance. We've been trying to decide how we want to handle the migration to better hardware, performance may be making the decision for us. This is an old hardware build with no relevance to recent customers.

How hackers use phishing to hijack sites through hosting provider

Please assume that you will receive emails like this and we will fail to block them initially.

Love can motivate harsh actions. We love you, so we're harsh to spammers who try to harm you.

Restarting services one by one on Ocean server

From roughly 2AM to 7AM this morning US/Central time, DKIM signatures failed on all outbound email. This was the mistake of a deployment that tested well, but didn't land well. Fixed.

Adding stopforumspam addresses to outbound blocks has reduced failed deliveries. Inbound filtering improvements has dropped spam in email queues significantly. This past week didn't bring anything fancy, just solid service improvement.

To help you keep your domain reputation clean, we are now identifying and blocking recipients that your websites are automatically emailing, which are known to be part of the event explained here:

If you want to seriously reduce inbound spam on your network without false positive, here's the list of IP ranges to block:

Office 365 is experiencing an outage and bouncing emails. This is not currently within our control.

Roundcube (at /webmail) on DA servers upgraded. If you see oddities, logging out / clearing browser cache may help.

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